Legal Issues: Hurricane Katrina

The information on this site is made available by the University of Mississippi School of Law and deals with common legal issues affecting victims of Hurricane Katrina.
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This resource provides an overview of some of the legal issues that may arise as a result of Hurricane Katrina. The resource is a work in progress, and will be updated as additional research is conducted and as new issues come to light. Each section includes a note indicating the date on which the section was last edited. It is possible that the rights of hurricane victims have been addressed by new legislation or rules enacted since a particular section was updated. Please check this site on a weekly basis for updates. Additions and changes will be highlighted in the Introduction each week.

The information contained in this resource was provided through a joint effort of the University of Mississippi Civil Legal Clinic and volunteer students and professors, the Clinical Legal Education Association and the Association of American Law Schools Section on Clinical Legal Education. Clinical faculty and students from the law schools at Arizona State, Arkansas (Little Rock), Ave Maria, California (Boalt Hall), Columbia, Connecticut, CUNY, Detroit, Drake, Georgia, Harvard, Howard, Illinois, Minnesota, New Mexico, St. John’s, St. Thomas, Syracuse, Thomas Cooley, Tulsa, Western New England and Yale contributed to this effort. The University of Mississippi thanks our fellow clinicians and students for their substantial time commitment and their concern for the losses suffered by Mississippians. We also gratefully acknowledge assistance from Equal Justice Works, the Mississippi Center for Justice, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, and Morrison & Foerster. Portions of the information contained in this resource, particularly the sections about FEMA, were taken (with permission) from the Hurricane Katrina Helping Handbook, produced by Morrison & Foerster. The handbook is available at: The information contained on this site is also available as a PDF file which can be downloaded at:

We make available the information on this website for general information purposes only. Although we hope and believe the information will be helpful as background material, we cannot warrant that it is accurate or complete, particularly as circumstances may change after this information is posted on the web. Also, the website is general in nature, and may not apply to particular factual or legal circumstances. In any event, the website does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as legal advice. Many of the individuals and entities that contributed to this resource are not licensed to practice law in Mississippi or other affected states, and by contributing to this resource are not purporting to practice law. Readers seeking to act upon any of the information contained on this website are urged to seek individual advice from their own legal counsel, or to contact one of the many organizations that provide pro bono legal assistance.

Portions of the information contained in this resource were produced by the University of Mississippi Civil Legal Clinic and its volunteers for the Mississippi Bar Young Lawyer’s Division Hurricane Katrina Relief Manual. The Young Lawyer’s Division has undertaken the daunting task of providing emergency legal assistance to the thousands of victims of Katrina and has staffed Disaster Relief Centers across the Mississippi Gulf Coast with volunteers. Persons who wish to volunteer assistance should contact the Mississippi Bar Young Lawyer’s Division at (601) 948-4471 or visit the Mississippi Bar website at:

We encourage fellow practitioners involved in working for the hurricane victims to build on the information collected here in an effort to provide maximum legal support to those in need. Users are encouraged to copy and distribute these materials to help individuals and groups affected by Hurricane Katrina. Reproduction or distribution for commercial purposes without prior permission is prohibited.